Sunday, May 3, 2009

Parkville Microfest and the Nebraska Hangover Cure

Turned out to be a good day for the festival and I was worried it was going to be rainy. Unfortunately, the ground was too wet to have the festival on but it worked out pretty good having it on the asphalt. There were around 26 or 27 breweries. There were 2000 people drinking this year. Although I am a hop head, I'll have to say that the Concentrated Evil from Lucky Bucket (NE) was the best. I was pretty disappointed with some of the booths because they didn't know anything about the beer. Whoever was pouring O'Fallon didn't even know it was sold in Kansas City. It was unfortunate that STL brew fest was going on the same day. I didn't get to try all of the beers because I was busy yapping to people. But I did get plenty of time to get good and drunk. My buddy Jason drove me to the Saucer afterwards where it was jammed packed because of the anniversary and I got to drink some more! This morning was like someone hit me on the head with a 2x4 and you gotta wonder what stupid things you did the previous day. Well, can't wait for next year's.

Speaking of Nebraska, I took the bike up to NE this morning. Good way to cure the hangover is to get that adrenaline pumping. I am a KC MO resident and took me 1 hour from my house to get to the corner of Nebraska. On my way back I stopped off in St. Joe because I heard about this "Belt Brewing Co", but come to find out it went out of business. I looked around St. Joe for an hour or so and talked to a few people in search for a St. Joe beer, but none were found. Oh well, fun ride.

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