Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grow Your Own

...hops that is. I bought 3 types of hop rhizomes this spring and thought it'd be fun to grow some different kinds for bittering and aroma. I bought left overs from orders so I didn't have a lot to choose from. I planted Northern Brewer, Centennial and Cascade. This spring has been the perfect time if you want to grow anything. Rain, sun, rain, sun. The Cascade took off like a rocket and it's about 10 inches long so far. The Northern Brewer plant is slow going and the brids keep eating on it. The Centennial never made it out of the ground and I might just replant it. I thought that when I move out of this house I'll just move the plant to and then found out that the roots can get up to 13 feet deep. I listened to a radio show on the brewing network that talked about growing hops. The bine (not vine) will grow to the top of my deck the first year and then the second or third year should start giving me something to work with. I wonder how an high alpha acid hop would grow here. Maybe one day I'll have a little hop garden with several kinds but for now I'm starting small. If you ever want to try it I suggest watching youtube videos on growing them. Youtube always gives me more confidence than a book because you can see normal people with finished results (brewing, car repair, growing hops).

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Dave Shuck said...

I planted my hops about 4 years ago. I was foolish and put them on the east side of a fence with nothing to climb on. Needless to say, they gave no love. I moved them last year but still gave them little to grab onto other than a tomato cage. This year I ran lines 20 feet up the side of my wall and they were up to the top 4 weeks ago. I am seeing some huge cones starting to form and hope to get enough to make a 20 gallon batch of single hop pale ale in the Fall.

I was listening to the Brewing Network show about hops as well. She had a lot of good info to share and my hops are greatful for her input.