Saturday, February 28, 2009

KC New School VS. Old School (NBA Style)

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Bull, over on kcbeerblog has inspired me to come up with this ridiculous post. He posted a Roylas line up roster and associated beers. I came up with two NBA teams, one with Boulevard beer and one with old school beer. You can vote who would win if all of the players and beers were in their prime.

Boulevard (non-limited edition) Current Players

Single Wide - Chris Paul (New, Small, Sell out fast)
Wheat - Steve Nash (Well known, light color)
Pale Ale - Dirk Nowitzki (Rich, Pale)
Bob's 47 - Bobby Jackson (He's 36 not 47, but old for NBA)
Zon - Bruce Bowen (Zone defense)
Irish Ale - Brian Scalabrine (Red Head, Part Time)
Dry Stout - Shaq Diesel (Need I say more)
Bully Porter - Omeka Okafor (Bull in a China Closet)
Lunar - Jamario Moon (duh)
Nut Cracker Ale - Ron Artest (He will crack you nuts)
Double Wide - Glen "Baby" Davis (He's a big boy)
Long Strange Tripel - Chris "Birdman" Anderson (Trippy, Tall)
Sixth Glass - Manu Ginobili (Sixth man in '08)
Saison - Tony Parker (French, Smooth)

Old School Players, Old School Beers

Sam Adams - Larry Bird (Boston Classic)
High Life - Charles Barkley (The Champagne of Players)
Schlitz - Dennis Rodman ('Cause nothing says class more)
Budweiser - Michael Jordan (the King)
Old Style - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Fundamentals)
Miller Lite - John Stockton (Small, Light, Fast)
Black Label - Robert Parish (The beer has perished)
Stag - Tim Hardaway (A Man's Beer, look him up)
PBR (tallboy) - Dominique Wilkins (Tall, Consistent)
Falstaf- Bill Walton (Drink if you've got buck teeth)
Old Milwaukee - Moses Malone (Milwaukee Great)
Hamm's - Rick Barry (Rockin' the 70's)
Coors - Alex English (Rocky Mountain Delight)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Wheat Beer

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My brother and I just got done brewing a wheat beer even though I promised an IPA next. I'm going to call this one a success. Okay semi-success. It tastes like a craft brew. It tastes like a wheat beer. There is no saltiness this time. It is a bit too malty in flavor and color. It is a dark wheat beer but I'm definitely going to down all of this batch. Let me know if you'd like to try some. I'll be getting new ingredients soon for the next batch which should get even better. You learn something every time.
Mmmm... look at that tasty wort.

New Belgium La Folie - Sour Slap

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New Belgium La Folie. Do you remember Gobstoppers? Or better yet, have you ever been slapped in the face? Yeah, La Folie has both. It is a very strong, tart, complex beer. Maybe I'm not the best beer advocate yet, but I don't get it. I was so excited to get a limited edition find at Red X the other day (they actually write the number on the bottle). I did get down quite a bit more than the Sam Adams Triple Bock, but the La Folie is definitely a sipping beer.