Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Double IPA - Deliciousness

I finally made a beer for a hop head like myself. About 120 IBUs and 7.8% abv = some good stuff. Just to be hard on myself there is some room for improvement but I'm keeping the recipe around. So I kegged some and bottled some. I still need to come up with a fun label. The kegged beer tastes much better because I'm able to dial in a little more carbonation which really brings out the hop aroma and giving a nice creamy head on this beer. I compare this beer with an Avery Maharaja. It's a smoother IPA with a complex hop taste as opposed to just a powerful slap in the face hop taste. It keeps getting better every day in the keg. Maybe I didn't use enough corn sugar when bottling? I'm pretty sure this will go in my top 5 for June, but I've got a lot of days left in June so we'll see. If you're just now seeing my site for the first time there are a couple different posts about brewing this beer and the explosion on the ceiling it caused. This was an expensive and loaded beer made to enjoy and savor. Maybe I shouldn't be slamming so much down.

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FYI - Gomer's Midtown now has Hopsickle - $9.99.