Friday, June 26, 2009


No not that kind of lace. I'm talking beer lace (or lacing). Not familiar? See the picture above. Lacing is the beer head (or beer muff as Jake doesn't want to be sexist) that sticks to the glass. Originally it was noted by the sheet of lace but has developed into lines of lace left after drinking. You're not cool if you don't have lace! It is suppose to show how fresh the hop oils are in your drink. Worthog, friends and myself were at Flying Saucer last night for the rare New Holland Brother Jacob Dubbel. After a few I ordered Southern Tier Iniquity and had to capture the lacing on the glass with my handy camera phone. About the same time someone pointed out some guy who had passed out right after ordering a full beer (notice the daylight). I couldn't resist so I went up and talked to his buddies who were having a casual conversation while this guy was snoring in the middle of the bar. They say that he does this all the time and he is just power napping, but he was out for a while. Can someone say narcoleptic?

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