Friday, October 2, 2009

Canadian Breakfast Stout

Oh Canada, aye? Not exactly. Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS) comes from Founders Brewing out of Grand Rapids Michigan. This is a beeradvocate world's top 10 beer as it currently stands.Here is the description of the beer:
Founders Breakfast Stout aged in Kentucky whiskey barrels that were also used by a small maple syrup maker. The beer is then aged underground in the town’s local mine. Maple & whiskey soaked wood, Sumatra and Kona coffee beans breakfast stout.
I've heard different stories on how many kegs Missouri got, but as I understand it there was some at the Stable in St. Louis and then at Flying Saucer last night in KC. Beeradvocate had some interesting outrages over the beer and I knew all the beer geeks were going to come out of the wood-works for this. I know people were coming in from Columbia, Wichita, Omaha, all over. I specifically tried not to draw much attention to such an event because I knew it would be a cluster. I was happy on how the Saucer handled the situation by selling tickets very early on in order for everyone to get a sample. At first I thought 4 oz samples were going to be too small but I had 8 oz of this and it was worth all 800 pennies.

I got there promptly at 5:00 when tickets started selling like any beer geek should. I ordered a Goose Island Sophie and found it to be slightly sour which was enough for me to pour half to a friend. I was hanging out with a couple friends when I noticed a familiar face, but it was someone I'd never met. Then I realized it was Chimpolte. Good to see another beer blogger made it out. I then ordered a Trappist AchelBrune which I found to be quite amazing. Day one of October and I was able to drink two amazing brews that will probably make it onto this months top 5 list.
5 till 7 and the line of geeks began to form. I got my pours, sat down and dove right into it. Now I've had regular bkfst stout (too much coffee) and Kentucky bkfst stout (too much bourbon) and was worried this would be like Sam Adams Triple Bock and be too much syrup, but no. It was quite well balanced. This beer was very very good. My only complaint is it needed a touch more carbonation. I realize for the style you don't need much if any, but Dark Lord left a special place in my liver... I mean heart and it had plenty of carbonation for an Imperial Stout. I'd say CBS is in my top 5 for the style and would toy with my constantly changing, all time top 5 list. I'll think about it...

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Ian Joyce said...

I had this last night (10/01/2009) at the Flying Saucer in KC and was just blown away. Simply amazing.