Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recycle Kansas City

As I resident of Kansas City, MO, I know garbage day sucks. Two bag minimum outside of garbage cans so the animals are free to rip into them. Then these recycle bins that blow down your street on a windy day only to never find them again. At least it's free (taxes) I suppose. I remember when they started with these recycle bins and the first trash day I had put a glass bottle in the recycle bins and they didn't pick it up. This means that my two bags of trash, that can only be 50 lbs, are heavy as hell because I have to put all my glass bottles into them.

Well not anymore. The good people at Ripple Glass (pretty much the Boulevard guys) are making it possible to take your glass to man convenient locations and should be opening up within the next month or so.

Of course you could always just donate your rare bottles to my 700+ collection.


KC Wort Hog said...

This is definitely a great start. I drive about 15 minutes each way to the recycling center now, and the huge recycling bins are always swarming with bees in the summer. Ugh. Hopefully curbside pickup isn't that far away. Most other cities have figured it out; it's high time KC did as well.

beersavorer said...

I have a glass recycling center 5 minutes from my home--take my bottles there monthly. Too bad I didn't have enough on hand to bottle my homebrew on Saturday--had to call friends, and then soak and scrub off labels. Homebrewers recycle!

cullun said...

More cities should make it easier. When I lived in London it was great! We had doorstep trash and recycling. You didn't even have to separate any of the recycling.