Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Brew Day in the Books

Our 4th successful brew day! Next one is at my place!! KCWortHog hosted our 4th brew day as an Oktoberfest style event. She and Mr. Wort Hog made tons of excellent German food to soak up the beer. Three of us decided to brew. Hop Frog went with a tangerine IPA, while the Wort Hogs decided to go with a Roggenbier. Below is the roggenbier moving from the chilled pot to the carboy. Mmmm...

I decided to brew up an altered version of my double IPA proclaimed as Hop Explosion. This time I will not be having the explosion part of it. I have more than a pound of hops that are going into this 10 gallon batch. I actually wound up making about 12 gallons and letting the worthogs do their worst to the left overs. I went with an extract brew just because it is easier when traveling with equipment; however, with what time I saved I made up for boiling 13 gallons of water. I'll post the recipe at some point.
Probably the highlight was all of the good brews that Jeremy D, from Blvd, brought along. An Imperial Stout aged to perfection, an aged Saison-Brett that the funk turned to sour and reminded me of the recently drank Goose Island Sophie and then the Nutsack Ale. Now if you remember, I was at Blvd helping with the hop bags. These hop "sacks" from the Nutcracker Ale are then drained and kegged. Well Jeremy decided to bring some of the extremely hoppy brew along for our drinking pleasure. It was like a very hoppy Nutcracker however this one hadn't been carbonated, but I can look past that.

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