Monday, April 27, 2009

Ceiling Decorations

I got home from work and found a little surprise. I had green decorations on the floor, couch, pool table, bar and ceiling! You brew and you learn. One thing I learned today was when dry hopping not to overfill your carboy. You can see from my last post how full it was. 48 hours and this thing is still bubbling like crazy. At least while I was cleaning hops off the ceiling it smelled delicious. Yeah the wife didn't appreciate that. You can see from the pictures below how active the brew was before it exploded and then the hops lying around the carboy. Yeah Jared, you did mention a bomb in my last post :) My new name for this beer is Dropped-Explosion IPA.

Looks like I'm not the only one who's ran into this...


Amy aka The Wort Hog said...

looks like a blow-off tube might be in order for next time ;) We just ran into the same thing with our wee heavy -

oops :)

a beer sort of girl said...