Sunday, April 26, 2009

IPA Brew

I took off the training wheels and stepped up my game. It was time to make an extremely hoppy, high gravity beer (my style). With the kegerator complete I'll probably keg most of this and bottle a few for those really interested. I woke up at 2am this morning and remembered that I forgot to take a reading. So 8 hours after transferring I took the original gravity and it was 1.076 or so. It will probably be a little over 8% abv. I got a yeast starter going strong the night before and this beer is ACTIVE! From the picture you can tell I got it a little too full but wort activity is starting to push it's way through the airlock now. Any of you brewers know if that's bad? I think it should be alright because no oxygen is coming in.

Check out this recipe I kind of compiled:
Mashed 1 lb of Crystal 40L, .5 lb Munich, .5 Wheat
6.6 lbs Briess Light LME
3 lbs Light DME
WLP001 California Yeast - Starter
Hop time...
1 oz Warrior 70 min
1 oz Simcoe 50 min
1 oz Cascade 35 min
1 oz Cascade 15 min
.5 oz Amarillo 5 min
1 oz Simcoe at KO
1 oz dry leaf Cascade 1st fermentation
1 oz dry leaf Cascade 2nd fermentation

116 IBU - OG 1.076 - FG 1.015 - SRM 9


Jared said...

Ummm as long as the airlock doesn't clog you should be good. If it does clog though you could end up with a 5 gal bottle bomb. I'd fit a blowoff valve and clean up the airlock for when the blowoff valve is finished. Actually you could just leave the blowoff valve on there throughout since it acts like an airlock.

KC Hop Head said...

I recalculated the IBU's using the sweet calculator. 116 IBU from original recipe is now 120.2 IBU. Can't wait to taste.