Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Springfield Brewing Co

I was with family in Arkansas last weekend riding dirtbikes. On the way back home we stopped off in Springfield, Missouri. I can't believe I went to school there for a semester and missed out on this great downtown spot. Similar to Tom Schlafly/St. Louis Brewing Company, Paul Mueller/Springfield Brewing Company has used the last name as a label for their beers. From their website, Mueller has a company that does brewery stainless steel fabrication which works out well because the brewery is great looking. Sorry no pictures with me, but let me tell you, what a great building. Two story, lots of wood, band playing in the middle of a Sunday, cigar room and huge brewery with lots of windows. I ordered a sampler of Wheat, Lager, Porter, Kolsh, Special (dark lager) and Pale Ale. When I left I bought a 6 pack of Parliment Stout and a 750 ml of Blackberry Wit. I haven't tried either yet. Pretty solid beer and a great place to check out.

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