Monday, June 22, 2009

Pork Chop Express

I'm not talking about the same Jack Burton's Pork Chop Express from Big Trouble in Little China. No no, but I'll get there. This weekend Albert Pooholes and his giant St. Louis crew rolled into KC whooping up on our Kansas City Royals. It's all good, I'm still holding onto the 1985 series as long as I can. My cousin and friends came in and wanted to hang out and see what Power & Light District is all about. Well, okay. They got in from a fishing trip so we started out by heading to the Rockies with some Busch-Light at the hotel. Hey, it's a fishing beer right? Yeah it's nasty. We took a van from the hotel to downtown. We were heading through the strip club area just South of downtown and someone asks the 80 year old driver which club is his favorite and he pulls out a great one liner, "Man, strip club? I'm 80, I'd rather have a poke chop." Classic. So pork chop drops us off in P&L but I decided to haul these guys a few blocks over to show them one of my favorite bars, John's Upper Deck. Not the classiest joint downtown but what a great place to see a band up 3 floors on a rooftop in the middle of the sky scrapers. If you have not tried the place, you should. We were trying to decide to head over to Harry's Country Club because some of their friends were over there, but never made it. Then I learned that the Worthog was over there and I missed out on all that action. Why have a blow-up pool 3 stories up next to the edge of the roof with a bunch of drunk people? Why not? Probably because the new hot spot above Cosentino's is a pool bar and opened up this weekend. My cousin fell in the pool and had wet shorts for the rest of the night. We headed over to P&L to find tons of Cards fans getting arrested. Thousands of people crowded in paying for their $9 small plastic cup drinks. By this time, I just didn't care after having Jager shots. We quickly lost everyone and I found myself talking to very uninteresting people all night. Closer to sunrise we all eventually wound up back at the hotel finding different cab rides. Went golfing in 100 degree weather the next day. I'm pretty sure I was sweating at least 3% abv.


Jason said...

Man I think that pool needs a bit more side wall support.

Amy aka The Wort Hog said...

sounds like fun! That's one place I've been wanting to go to ever since that horrible review by... was it Bull E Vard? Anyway, I want to see this place for myself.