Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boulevard Two Jokers - Double Wit

Boulevard has been enhancing their regular beers with a more powerful, tasty limited brew in some of the Smokestack Series. They have gone from a numbering system to a seasonal Smokestack and Two Jokers is their latest. It is a delicious double-wit based on the Zon summer beer. At 8% abv yet very light and bubbly, it is a great summer brew coming out at a good time. If you are able to get some a hot July day is a good time to hammer a 750 ml down with a friend. Not sure how much will be out this summer, but Gomers in the Northland has already sold out and I found Bubbles on N. Oak had just got their shipment in and was able to pick up a few before they got it on the shelves. Back to the taste: you definitely taste the carbonation bubbles dancing with a dominant Belgian yeast. Orange and coriander stand out (just like the Zon). Very easy to drink especially when sweating (sorry no electrolytes). Expect to belch with the carbonation level. Lovely. Overall I like the beer but it won't make my top 5 for this month. Maybe it will for a hot June month? If you get some let me know how you like it.

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Amy aka The Wort Hog said...

Barley's in Shawnee was tasting all of their regular Smokestacks, plus the 2 Jokers.

I dunno, man... it had a familiar taste to it, almost like an orange wheat or something. You're not kidding when you say the orange & coriander "stand out" - they dominate the beer to the point where all I could focus on was sweet orangey coriander flavor.

I was a bit disappointed as I do like a good wit, but I think that I'm just not a fan of the double wit style. (I don't like Southampton's either - way too sweet.) I'm curious, now, to try Great Divide's double wit, to see if I really don't like this style, or if there is just a lot of variation within it.