Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If you post it, they will come...

Greg Koch, Greg Koch, Greg Koch. Hey Greg, if I post your name will you find my blog too? Are you just as big of a beer geek as all of us bloggers?

Recently I found theweeklybrew blog and this blogger wrote a smash post on Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing. I found myself most intrigued with this particular post and felt like joining in. I don't know why, but it just seemed out of the ordinary to say something against a craft brewer mixed with the whole BMC buzz. That's like saying a song writer is a jerk yet I will still listen to their music, but it is compelling because Stone beer is good! Then Greg wrote a comment on the post, then comes the apology, well you read it...

I also found Amy at theworthog wrote about Greg's keynote speech and Greg made a comment on it for the honorable mention.

You know what, maybe Greg is a nice guy, maybe he's not. I'll just shut up and keep drinking.
Oh and I found this ironic, if you check out my IPA brew post there is an ingredients picture with a bottle of Bud Light sitting next to a Stone Arogant Bastard Ale.


Jared said...

Ha ha thanks KC. I think it's possible to like what someone makes but still dislike their personality. In fact right before my blog went crazy I was talking with someone about liking Micheal Jacksons music, but not liking the guy himself. Just for clarification even before my dislike of Greg I wasn't a fan of Stone Brewing. Their beer just never did anything for me.

I apologized because some of the comments I made were out of line, but I still stick to my guns about him. Although while looking around on some blogs I noticed a theme. If you criticize Greg/Stone/Craft Beer/Beer Wars in any way Greg may just show up and play the victim, even if the post isn't remotely about him. Makes me rethink apologizing for some of my comments.

Amy aka The Wort Hog said...

Love the post. Made me LOL (really!)

More drama - the video i posted over in my blog which got Koch's comment was also posted in another blog (see link below) with more accusing comments than my "over-the-top" - the blog post was tweeted by Cicerone & re-tweeted by BeerAdvocate yesterday.

stonegreg said...

Good Morning! Well, it's "Stone Brewing" that I have my Google Alerts set for, not my name (just as well, as there's a pretty famous guitar player by the same name, and I'd have to sift through 100-to-1 articles!).

Anywho, if you don't mind, I'll just respond to the last sentence of your first paragraph....

It's tough to know for certain the exact 'biggness' of my geekdom as there's no exact matrix for beer geekdom, I will admit that I would rank myself as 'big geek.' I started my beer geek journey in 1987. It really caught full swing in '91/'92. It led me to start Stone with my partner Steve in '96.

You see me on blogs and such because I am an active and avid communicator on all things craft beer. I've been a poster (not rater) on BeerAdvocate and RateBeer for ten years (my profile on those sites has always clearly given my identity, including my direct email address). I have been video blogging since January 2005.

Things I geek out about include: craft beer, business & food ethics, and philosophy. My favorite authors include Godin, Pollan, Peter Singer, and Gladwell. I got to go to TED this year, which was one of the personal highlights of my life (both from geek and non-geek perspectives!).