Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beer Fridge and Sunday Beer Trip

Well my fridge is happy again and filled up. Let's see what we've got here. Left Hand Milk Stout, Lieny's Amber Ale, New Belgium's Trippel, Schlafly APA, Raspberry Heff, Pale Ale and Tripel, Boulevard's Double Wide, few BBQ's and few Saison-Brett's, a random Sam Adams Lager, O'Fallon's mix 8 pack and a De Proef Reserve Signature. I've also got an Odell's Woodcut No. 1 that I had just traded a BBQ for. I am waiting until No. 2 comes out this month and then I'll compare them side by side. The Woodcut is individually numbered and signed in pen. Odell's has been one of my top breweries. It's something about the water maybe that gives all of their beers a good crisp finish.

I took another motorcycle trip this weekend and skipped out on the KC Biermiester's cookout. We had three bikes and went on a 160 mile circle and stopped off a few times for some beer. We went to Leavenworth, KS at High Noon Saloon and Brewery for a beer and pleasantly found out that they are going to start canning their Amber Ale. Really cool looking cans. We also stopped off at Free State Brewery in Lawrence, KS and I had a delicious Barleywine. Then we finally got back to Missouri after a couple more stops. Great times. I'm hoping to do a tour of Nebraska and Iowa with my bike this year and find a bunch of small breweries.

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KP1 said...

I am deployed to Afghanistan, but my wife and I can't wait to move back to KC after my Army Adventures. I love your blogs, but hate them at the same time (because they always make my mouth water).

Thanks for keeping me UTD to the ever growing lists of beers that I want to try.