Monday, November 2, 2009

Gomers and a Cuvée

I was over in Lees Summit yesterday and decided I'd stop by Gomers since it is the only place that I've heard has the Olfabrikken Porter around Kansas City. I had been to almost every good beer store in KC except for this Gomers. I picked up a La Trappe Tripel, Rochefort 10 and a Mikkeller Black and then realized I'm going to need a shopping cart and knew I was in for a large bill. I rounded out with (you ready for this?) Sierra Nevada Big Foot, Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast, Oflabrikken Porter, Péché Mortel, Nogne #100, Southern Tier's Oak Aged Cuvée Series 1 and Boulevard Nutcracker that I got to help dry hop which was fun. Oops, that's a large bill. I signed up for their savings program and got 5% off, but still going to have to delay my next beer run. This store has a great selection of beer and wine.

Tonight I'm drinking Southern Tier's Cuvée at 11% abv. The other night I had the Series 2 and tonight Series 1. There is a Series 3 to come out at some point and I believe that is it for the Cuvée's. All 3 Series are American Strong Ales. American Strong is an interesting category which is beers that don't really fall into any category that are higher than 7% abv or so. Typically these are experimental brews that can go as high as alcohol can go in beer; however, most taste like a cross between a farmhouse and a barleywine. This particular beer tastes like sugar bomb. Tons of residual sugars and maltiness. You can taste a bit of the French Oak but not much, like a ligther Gread Divide 15th Anniv. IPA. A fair amount of bitterness and somewhat of a sour taste. Smells of apples and apricots with a sipping drinkability. Pretty good, but I'm not rushing out to get another. Have you tried Ska Decadent IPA or a DFH 120 min IPA? It's kind of like that. Love/hate beer.


KC Wort Hog said...

Yeah I can't really do Southern Tier's non-dessert beers, with Uber Sun as an exception - I may not care for the American Wheat style, but toss extra hops in there and you get my attention. ;-)

Arrogant Bastard is probably one of the most well-known American Strong ales. Sure wish we got it out here.

Drunk-Monkey said...

I'm going to have to head out there. I didn't know we could get Péché Mortel in town

KC Hop Head said...

Yeah Lukas down South has just as good of selection and a bigger store. Hard to tell which one is better, also hard to tell which store would come in 3rd on the MO side.

beersavorer said...

Aaron does a great job on the beer selection there, and they usually have good selections for tasting on Thursday nights. I took my latest homebrew there last night, and it compared favorably to Schlafly's coffee stout--that made my night!

Dan said...

I haven't had the Cuvee, but I thought my taste of Southern Tier's Iniquity was the best of a beer show I went to. I have a bottle I'll be tasting and writing about soon.

Southern Tier is near my wife's hometown, so I've tasted some of their "normal" beers, and really enjoyed them.