Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Brew Day 5

If you follow my blog then you'll have seen that we have been organizing brew day get-togethers for a few months now. They really are a great time if you like good beer. This go around I hosted for the first time as we took the brewing North of the River with a theme that was across the pond. Our theme this time was British style beer. I did not brew this time because of hosting but we did get a couple of first timers to brew and it was great to just help out and get people into the hobby. Matt brewed a Coffee Porter. He had ground his own coffee beans to give the recipe his own twist and it made my garage smell heavenly. Drunk Monkey brewed up an English Special Bitter (ESB) using his friends home grown hops to add his own special touch as well. Jason was going to brew but we were running short of time.
There were about 30 people throughout the day to sample beer and learn about the brewing process. I had my Hop Retarded double IPA on tap and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. We got through about 5 gallons or so. Then everyone brought some great English styled ales but mostly imperial stouts were being drank. The Worthogs brought an English Bitter and a Roggenbier they brewed. Jake brought his first lager. So we had plenty of homebrew along with an entire fridge stuffed full of commercial brews.
Probably the two top beers of the night for myself was the Imperial Stout Trooper from 2006 that Matt brought and then the Alaskan Baltic Porter was incredible. Something I'm not proud of is 14 hours of straight drinking with no food. It was a rough Sunday morning to say the least. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it! I'm happy to say both brews are fermenting away. Thanks everyone for making the day rock!


cullun said...

Thanks for hosting, it was a very enjoyable day indeed!

Drunk-Monkey said...

Thanks again! These photos look great ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I with you definitely agree