Friday, September 25, 2009

To Microwave or Not to Microwave

The day started out in the office. I spent the first half of the day trying to convince co-workers to go out for lunch, but no luck. So was it my typical microwave lunch? Jeremy, from Boulevard, would not have it that way. I was invited for the 3rd time to a Boulevard Luncheon and apparently the 3rd time's the charm to where I actually have time to go. Last minute I shot down to the brewery in time for the end of the tour portion of the Luncheon only to find Jeremiah from HopFrog to provide me with some great pictures. J and I sat down across from Payton from Blvd who was great company and later learned that he is in possession of the Muehelbach bottle that I donated to Blvd. Payton has been involved with every bottle label and any aspect of copy or pictures that involve Blvd. He had been old homebrew buddies with John McDonald, owner/founder of the brewery, and had some good stories. The food was prepared by Bluestem.

First up on the menu was a Shrimp Bisque labeled as "Corn Bisque, Rock Shrimp, Fingerling Potatoes, and Braised Berkshire Bacon". Right away I knew I made the right choice in going down to Blvd. The bisque was paired with the Wheat because of the acidity. Interesting. The creamy soup, paired with the rolls, could have been a meal within itself.

Next on the 3 course menu was the main course. Beef short ribs, now we're talkin. This style of ribs was cut to make rib stakes which was kind of a mix between a typical filet and a slow roast. No knife needed. Now this was paired with the rare unblended Rye on Rye. The Rye on Rye (now with a name) is currently set to come out in February of 2010. Now I've already tried this a couple weeks earlier from a bottle Steven Pauwels lended. It was very oaky and will need some blending, but is backed full of flavor. I looked down our table and noticed the slow sipping of the Rye did not go down like the Wheat. More pictures of the Rye on Rye below...

Finally a great treat. Bob's 47 Ice Cream. Bob's is Boulevard's Octoberfest beer and pays homage to a great brewer of the late Muehlebach. 1947 is the year he graduated brewery school. The ice cream was paired with Sixth Glass Quad which Payton decided to make a float out of his dish. Brilliant!

There is one more Luncheon setup and I highly suggest you sign up and try this. I now leave you with some of J's fine photography:


KC Wort Hog said...

Unfortunately, all of the luncheons have been sold out for a long time. Lucky bastard for getting to go to what I think had the best food vendor.

Bull E. Vard said...

It absolutely slayed me to have to turn down that last minute offer, but I just couldn't go. I'm glad you got to go, these luncheons deserve to be written about because of their fabulousness.