Sunday, September 27, 2009

Humerous GABF Medals

Results came in from Great American Beer Festival. Boulevard won a Gold for Belgian-Style Wit with their Zon. But let's take a look at some other interesting medals. A big shout out to Coors for winning Gold and Silver with Keystone Ice (a fan favorite). The winner for Rye was named Crazy Jackass Ale. Uncle Billy's Brew won with a beer called Hell in Keller, and in the same category the Silver goes to Natural Born Keller. Miller stepped in and pulled some Silver for Hamm's and High Life which are two beers that I drink and think to myself, "these should really be winning some competitions." A beer called Bloody Beer won a Silver for experimental category and I really don't want to know how their experiment went.

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KC Wort Hog said...

I love the name Hell in Keller! What a great name.

I thought Vlad the Imp Aler was good as well.