Monday, September 21, 2009

Tasting Night

Come all beer geeks! Some friends and I organized a nice little tasting on Saturday night downtown and a thanks to Rian for hosting. I'll give the quick and dirty run down: We started the night off with some wheat home brew and moved into some Missouri beers with the Seeyoulator and Schlafly Tripel. AleSmith's Horny Devil was the next victim. Then a rare brew called "L'Ange Tombé" Fallen Angel brewed once by De Proefbrouwerij for Julios liquor store. At this point I can't remember which order, but we dove into a 120 minute IPA from Dogfish Head which is over 21% abv. This is a love/hate beer and I tend to appreciate the flavor. You can't hide alcohol at that point but the sugars and hop flavor are great. This is basically an overdone American Barleywine and a slow, slow sipper. Of course I had to finish some of the tasters as I was not driving. A Pliny the Elder (no explanation necessary) and then to Smoke From the Oak from Captain Lawrence Brewing in New York. This was extremely sour and not pleasant to me. Matt from the Flying Saucer brought a Stone's '07 Old Gaurdian Barleywine that was probably my favorite of the night. At this point we had to call it a night even though there were several other amazing brews that were brought to the table.

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