Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not Your Uncle's Back Pocket Chew

Unfortunately this is not bottled for distribution.
Check out the interesting process of making Chicha from DFH.
Now that's a beer adjucnt!


Dan said...

AWESOME! I had chicha in Bolivia a few years ago - it wasn't bad, but it was an acquired taste. I brought some back - Chernobyl Chicha was the brand. Yes, I'm serious. The places you could buy it were like little huts, and they would raise white flags on long poles when they had a batch to sell. Fond memories.

Jared said...

What was that quote??? Oh yeah!

"I don't put corn in my beer."


If you read the article on it though the guys at the end say DFH's doesn't taste like chicha, it tastes like beer :)