Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Hour at the White House

Wit so much drama in the W-DC, it's kinda hard bein P.R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T.

President Obama says Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sgt. James Crowley need to stop by the white house and smooth things over with a beer. Now I wouldn't normally get involved in something so controversial on my fun website but a great American and KC Hophead follower, Kyle, asked Bull and I our take on the matter. I had already been reading about it and it is great news to the beer community that the top of the headlines on world news had the word "beer" in it. I have heard Blue Moon and Budweiser being the top two choices but I found this poll interesting from SFGate where most people want them to drink a non-traditional beer:

Most interesting are the posts on BeerAdvocate. Some suggestions have been "Buried Hatchet Stout", "Ale to the Chief" and "Collaboration Not Litigation" (which is REALLY good). My favorite is Bock Obama, which I drank at Parkville Microfest.

My personal opinion on the matter (at least towards the beer) is that they should drink 5 bottles of Russian Imperial Stout and play washers.


Jared said...

Seriously? This poll has potential for most pointless and rediculous fluff of 2009

markbe said...

i'm guessing your stout suggestion will not be heeded since anything with "dark" or "black" in the title is probably off the menu.

KC Hop Head said...

So I'm guessing Sam Adam's White Ale is out of the question? What about we meet in between and go with this one:

Jared said...

They've already said Gates will probably be drinking Red Stripe or Becks, Obama aparently is a Bud Light drinker, and Crowley is a Blue Moon guy. I find it funny that on one poll Sam Adams trumped all others.

Jared said...

For a laugh read Gates' comments


Tim said...

In hindsight I think the President should have had a Yuengling.

It's actually American so he would be supporting the American economy instead of In-Bev and the Belgians, it would provide a little publicity and noteriety to a company that could actually use it, it's made in PA (somewhat local to Obama's current residence) and is America's oldest active brewery so it has some historical significance.

It's also cheap enough that he wouldn't appear elitist, and it is relatively tasty.

I am officially submitting myself as an applicant for Obama's Chief Beer Advisor. My beer geekdom and international studies/political science minor should make me more than qualified.

Drunk-Monkey said...

I always thought one of the rules of buying rounds was to get something the other guy wants