Friday, July 31, 2009

Biden wasted on Buckler!

Short and sweet here...
Obama - Bud Light (Cha Ching)
Gates - Samuel Jackson Light (mmm mmm)
Crowley - Blue Moon (poser)
Biden - Buckler (see picture)


Drunk-Monkey said...

Biden did seem to wander in as a third wheel :)

He's that guy from work who sees you outside of work and won't go away (awkward)

KC Hop Head said...

He probably saw an open spot and brought his own chair and cooler. "Open bar!!! I'll take 6 Schlitz's or whatever you got."

Lee said...

While it was going on, a friend of mine said: "Maybe Biden saw the beers and just invited himself along and ol' Obama just couldn't say no. I'm guessing they all agree to go to another bar when Biden's in the pisser."