Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boulevard Pilsner & Random Wednesday Night

I have to revise my thoughts from my last post about the new Pilsner. I was ranting about how I wish your local craft brewery would make a "light" beer to compete with the big dogs. I actually think they are making a small dent in that area with the Pilsner. Now if they would put their pilsner in the aluminum bottles and sell it at the games and golf courses I think we're getting somewhere. The taste isn't going to rock your world but it is a nice refreshing brew for the summer. They are able to compete with BMC by charging $5.69/6 pack (at least that's what Gomers was charging). I had my 5th one with a nice family meal. This picture represents just how American we are :)

After putting baby hophead to bed I was off to see my friend before he travels the world. He wanted to hit up the Republic Tigers in a free concert at Power and Light. Pretty crowded for a Wednesday. We hit up Raglan Road for a Boulevard Tank 7 on tap and then over to Flying Saucer where I had New Belgium's Lips of Faith on tap.


Jared said...

So what did you think of Lips of Faith eh?? :)

KC Hop Head said...

I'm very confused still and have a few questions out about what came out of the lips of faith tap. I was expecting the Dark Kriek that was recently produced but what I got was a golden, hazy beer that was quite delicious and malty, but not what I expected. I'm wondering if the glasses got mixed up. I migth try it again.

kcillini77 said...

I think what you got was the Biere de Mars, which is what Barley's was serving up last time I had something out of their Lips of Faith tap.