Saturday, December 20, 2008

Single Wide

I was down at Boulevard Brewery yesterday getting Christmas presents (for myself) and found out that they're making wine. So I picked up a bottle of Chardonnay to add to the collection. I saw the Single Wide on tap and unfortunately the tap room was not open for taste testing. I still have yet to make it out to a bar that has it on tap. People have already been complaining about too much hops. That sounds like the perfect beer to me!

I asked one of the workers when it was going to be bottled to see if there were any updates and it's still in March of '09. Of course I am now awaiting the Imperial Stout (2) that will be coming as #7 in the Smokestack Series.


Mike said...

too much hops?? who are these people, and when did they escape from the insane asylum? The more hops the better in my opinion. It is an IPA after all.

Chimpotle said...

I love the Boulevard Single-Wide. The hops are perfect. Stay far away from the Tallgrass offering.