Sunday, December 21, 2008

1st Home Brew

So the home brewing equipment sat around for over a year before it was touched. I finally hauled it out of the basement with some motivation from my brother. We started this batch on Dec 3rd with the intentions of rushing the process to get some good ale by Christmas time. I know I know, Blonde Ale for Christmas? Well, it's what I had so drink and be jolly. Maybe you can pour some cinnamon in and call it good. The wort really stunk up the house. As you can tell from the picture we did not have a wort chiller handy, but the brew isn't looking hazy so I think we got it cold quick enough. You might be able to see the nasty hop residue on the brew pot. MMM delicious! It's not as good as the scum at the bottom of the fermentation tub. Now that stuff was nasty. We let it ferment for 2 weeks, just long enough to bubble over 2 minutes. Then we went straight to the bottle so that we could let the priming sugar do its thing before Christmas. We did go ahead and take hydrometer readings along the way but didn't really mess with IBUs and gravity, we looked at the % by vol. It turned out to be exactly 6% abv. I was able to get almost 5 gallons (46 bottles). I'll update the post to let everyone know how bad it's going to taste. Let me know if you want a bottle, I may have some left over.

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