Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Collection

As a first post, I decided to show my average sized bottle collection. I started this collection in March of 07. My goal was to build a basement ceiling border and fill it up for aesthetics. I completed the collection in March of 08. Ever since then I've been collecting one-offs to complete the specific brewers collections. I do drink most all of them instead of leaving the beer in them like most collectors. Why waste a beer?

I have a need/have list that eventually will be moving to ratebeer.com. Mostly I'm just trying to complete the collections of Sam Adams, Boulevard and Schlafly.

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Chimpotle said...

Good idea. I've recently started collecting Boulevard bottles to go with the pub signs in my basement.

Looking at your list, I can help you out on the New Belgium Frambozen and Giddy Up from my own beer fridge. Or you can find bottles of the Giddy Up and possibly Two Cherries in the New Belgium Folly Pack samplers. The Giddy Up is replacing Two Cherries in the new version, but I still saw some of the Cherry at the Lukas Liquor in OP on Saturday.