Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What'll Ya Have?

Apparently you'll have a pint of Pale Ale. The favorite beer style poll expired and I thought I'd share the results before I remove it. This is sort of a biased poll considering the location and the choices I put on there, but I am a bit surprised at the results. Being that Boulevard Wheat is sort of the flagship beer for most Kansas Citians, I wasn't surprised at so many votes for Wheat. I didn't put up IPA and I think that might be why Pale Ale got so many votes. I'm glad to see Stout making an appearance as 3rd, but I am curious to see what "Other" categories people liked. I think Belgian came in a close second because of all the beer snobs that read my blog.

Speaking of which, my new poll consists of rankings that I would like you to vote on. What do you want to read here? I notice that blogs tend to lean more to educational or entertainment. Educational being reviews, latest news, terms and tricks of the trade whereas entertainment might be funny stories, pictures, video or controversy. What do you tend to like?

I've been a recluse on the beer scene lately and rightfully so. If you opened my beer fridge, you'd loosen your pants and get to drinking. Although I've already drank a lot of good stuff out of it here's what I've got currently:
AleSmith - Horny Devil, Old Numbskull, Speedway Stout,
Odell - Woodcut #1, Woodcut #2 (3),
Homebrew - Porter (3), Milk Stout (20ish),
Mikkeller Single Hop, Delerium Tremens,
Boulevard - RIS, Saison-Brett, Two Jokers (2),
Deschutes Black Butte XXI, New Glarus Imperial Saison,
Russian River Pliny the Elder (2) and Damnation,
Goose Island Peres - Jacques, Matilda,
O'Fallon Wheat, Old Rasputin (4), Geenflash Barleywine,
Moylans Kilt Lifter, Avery Maharaja,
Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, Sam Adams Triple Bock (2),
Clipper City Heavy Sees Loose Cannon,
Schlafly APA, Weston Drop Kick Ale,
Dog Fish Head 90 min IPA, Stone Oaked DB,
Soutern Tier Cuvee Series Two,
Mikeller Beer Geek Breakfast,
Mix pack of Chimay, and New Belgium Lips of Faith

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