Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oatmeal 'Raisin' Stout

Remember the purple brew? This is it. I bottled two different ways and evaluated both to see which I wanted to send to the KC Irishfest competition. I bottled five beers over a mixture of heated and blended raisins with some vanilla extract. I decided to send those to competition. As I was at the brew shop I noticed most of the field was oatmeal stouts. Damn.

The beer is 4.3% abv and packs a TON of taste for just that. The brew-in-a-bag process only yielded a 57% efficiency. In layman's terms, there could have been more alcohol, but the bag I used was not suited for the process and the grains were not crushed fine enough. That's okay though.

.5 lb flaked oats
.25 lb toasted rolled oats
.75 lb roasted barley
1.75 lb chocolate malt
9 lb American 2 row
1 oz of Fuggle @60 17.2 IBU
Whirlfloc @15
Here is how I would rate this beer.
A (appearance), S (smell), T (taste), M (mouthfeel), D (drinkability)

A - Pours very black with a dark tan head about 1-1/2 finger width that stays for about 5 minutes. Black, but in the brightest light you can see an orange on the edges. No lacing.
S - Smells thick, roasted malts coming out. A hint of coffee and chocolate.
T - Big bold roasted malts that finishes creamy with chocolate. The aftertaste is like chocolate coffee but in good way. The taste suffers slightly from the lack of alcohol for such a big flavor. I would expect this to be at least double the abv. The aftertaste is a bit more sharp and almost more bitter in the raisin/vanilla version.
M - More carbonation than I had originally planned but this is because it was going for competition and it works quite nicely to bring out all of those flavors.
D - While this is low in alcohol and quite tasty, I'd say a bomber (22 oz) is perfect for a chilly evening, but not much more.
Overall I'd give it about a B with the main drawback of the alcohol content.

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