Friday, January 16, 2009

Boulevard Imperial Stout

I was heading to 75th St Brewery yesterday and had some time to kill so I stopped off at Berbiglia nearby and discovered that the Imperial Stout had been distributed. I picked up a bottle and drank it late last night. It was good but not great. I've been really impressed with the Smokestack Series, but maybe it's because of my taste for sweet bitter hops but Imperial Stout just doesn't float my boat. I am definitely proud to add it to my collection. You'll have to give me your thoughts on it...

Speaking of 75th St Brewery, what do others think about the establishment? I have mixed feelings about it. Service is pretty good, but the beer overall is a bit flat to the taste and they don't seem to carry much if at all of anything else besides their own beer. I can tell by the beer collection around the brewery that there is a good beer appreciation, but I think they should substitute beer styles that they do not make with ones from around KC. Their food is okay. Overall, I do love going there, but I think there are things that bother me about the place. If you have not been there, you've got to try it out.


John said...

I also am a bit lukewarm in my feelings about 75th street. I think it would help a lot if they went ahead and bought some hops and thought about why their beer is never clear.

Every once in a while they have a pretty good beer but just as often I am left shaking my head and wondering if it is their vision or their execution that is missing the mark.

I wish Free State were in KC. They do not miss.

Chimpotle said...

I don't think the beers at 75th have been the same since the fire.